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After witnessing the assault on America’s democracy, the symbol of freedom around the world, we at #TPOA have decided that we can no longer sit back and do nothing. We must help shape the pulse of America’s political temperature as we approach the 2024 election. We have dedicated this website to help us determine EXACTLY what the people of America want and then bring those results to this platform to facilitate constructive conversations with one another.

Each week starting next month and ending on the day of the 2024 US election, we will pose one question per week to the people of America regarding what they would like to see from their next President. As we slowly move towards 2024, we will add more content and eventually, daily polls.


Our mission is to bring the people of America together in one voice. The voice does not necessarily have to be completely united, that’s what Makes America Awesome. This site will foster long-overdue reflection; questions not only about specific issues that are dividing us but also offering the perspectives of others. Let’s change the conversation about how these questions affect not only ‘me’, but the people around ‘me’. Let us move from the ‘Me’ generation to the ‘We’ generation.

Do we really want to raise our children like this? Constant protests? Can we still teach them values without being nasty? Is chivalry lost on the current generation? We say, heck no!

Can the climate change be both man-made and cyclical? How much would your household benefit from government-funded healthcare? What if your current health care disappeared all of a sudden? What do we do about China? Iran? Are you willing to even bend a little on any of these issues? Is there common ground?

 These are just some simple examples of the theme of questions that we will pose to our panel of non-partisan professionals and civilians who will contribute to the discussion through this website. In turn, we will pose these questions to you, the People of the Party of America. Let us unite our voices and show the world that we remain a strong, united, beacon of democracy.

“In short, chivalry is — a choice. The choice to do the

right things, for the right reasons, at the right times.”

-Scott Farrell

The Founder